UnoShaper  Surfboards CNC.

Shape the most precise surfboards with UnoShaper CNC, a numerically controlled machine using CAD/CAM technology that combines speed and precision at a reasonable cost. Since 2010, it is the first surfboard CNC carving machine made in Spain.

The world of surfing has also evolved towards CAD/CAM. A good shaper needs a good pre-shape machine.

2 years warranty

We are sure of the quality of our products; we offer a long guarantee.

Technical service in Spain

You have technical service available in Spain, forget about the long waits.

National Production

100% Spanish manufacturing cnc surfboard shaping machine.

Price quality

We have similar characteristics to the big companys with a competitive price.


We adapt our machinery to your special needs.

CNC Control

Based on Linux. Customizable, fast, inexpensive, easy to repair.

Modelo UnoShaper CNC
Work area up to:11 ft, 3420x1000x500 mm
14 ft, 4330x1000x500 mm
16 ft, 4620x1000x500 mm
Maximum speed:15000 mm/min
Mandrino Mill Cutter:high speed 1500 W
Rotation clamp mounts for bow and stern:Yes
Fixation System:Yes, with 6 vacuum cups
Vacuum pump:Yes, three-phase or single-phase
3D laser scanner:Yes
PC with CNC software:Yes
Aspiration system:Yes

Due to our structure as a company being small, our prices can also be low, being more competitive and agile than the big fish.


We allow customizing our machines, something that other companies do not offer because it is very expensive.


We can design and manufacture machines that do not exist on the market, and we are part of a large business group that supports us.


It is the process of computer design. The shaper designs a table in a CAD program like Shape3DLite (free). During learning, it is helpful to use table models made by other shapers and modify them according to the taste of the shaper. Shape3D has an extensive Warehouse where you can download table models.  The UnoShaper CNC can work with all CAD/CAM programs, but we recommend Shaper3D. You can start designing your tables with Shape3DLite (free); you can download it at this link: Shape3D


During the CAM process, the type of machine to be used, the diameter of the cutter, number of passes, cutting speed, and other parameters must be specified; that way, the CAM program generates the cutting files that the CNC machine will read for carving the correct form. The CAM process ends when the cut files are generated.


It is in the CNC process that the carving of the table is carried out. The cutting files generated in the CAM process make the machine move according to the proper trajectories to generate the designed shape in the CAD part. During this phase, it is necessary to correctly position the table and adjust the origin of the machine.


The UnoShaper CNC has its own EtherCAT-based control on Linux operating system and can read any G code from any CAM software.

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